How do you
cultivate good code?

Change the world

We live in a reality that is increasingly constructed of code. Code is craft. Code is creative. Code shapes the way we think, feel, and interact with each other. As a company founded by developers, for developers, code is our culture: hello world.

Question the status quo.

ESR Labs is short for Embedded Software Research Laboratory. There is no standard solution for writing good code: programming is both science and art. ESR Labs is a place for imagination and unconventional approaches – we cultivate innovation that goes far beyond merely serving our clients’ needs.

Learn from differences.

ESR Labs was founded in 2012 as a home for exceptional talents with diverse backgrounds and individual quirks. Since 2020, ESR Labs has been part of Accenture. The people in our team represent 31 nationalities, speak 13 languages, code in 28 languages, and work in 5 locations: Munich, Kulmbach, Ingolstadt, Mainz, and Nuremberg. The sum of our differences makes the difference.

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