Company of contrasts:
A tour around ESR Labs

Good code can sometimes be found in unexpected places. With locations in Kulmbach, Munich and Nuremberg, ESR Labs is spread across Southern Germany and in close proximity to industrial partners with world-wide impact. Designed with an attention to details that will make any developer feel at home, the spaces of ESR Labs bring together interesting contradictions. ESR Labs is where code meets cables and wires, where tradition meets high-tech innovation, where a professional environment meets creative chaos.


Famous for Oktoberfest and beer, Munich is a clean, safe and green cosmopolitan city that has often been ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world.

Munich is the largest of the offices of ESR Labs with over 150 desks across 4 areas dedicated to project teams, including a laboratory for AI research as well as a groundfloor space for testing new car prototypes on site. Additionally the office offers various communal areas, such as open kitchens, lounges, an auditorium and a rooftop garden.

ESR Labs Munich is situated in close proximity to Ostbahnhof inside the “Neue Balan” – a campus that houses a variety of start-ups, tech companies, food vendors, shops and fitness offerings, a Montessori school as well as a 50-meter pool.

Referred to as the "Garage", the groundfloor space with custom test-racks is used to run "hardware in the loop" tests directly on prototypes.

Meeting rooms spread across the office ensure there is always enough space for focussed group work and collaboration.

Creative chaos: Working with Embedded Systems often involves tinkering with wires and cables.

The auditorium is used for events at ESR Labs ranging from all-hand meetings to after-work gaming challenges.

Communal kitchen areas allow for cooking session and spontaneous exchange of ideas.

Flooded with light, the offices of ESR Labs span the top two floors of a Bauhaus-style building.


A tranquil medieval town in the middle of the Bavarian province of Upper Franconia, surrounded by lakes and forests, Kulmbach is known for the legendary Kulmbacher Bratwürste, the Renaissance castle Plassenburg or the German Tin Soldier Museum. Traditionally a manufacturing base for the drinks and food industry and most recently biotechnology, Kulmbach might be a surprising location for the second-biggest office of ESR Labs.

The office is situated right in the historic center of Kulmbach inside a carefully restored building from the 14th century. Spread acrosss two floors, the office includes around 25 desk spaces, informal meeting rooms, a cafeteria as well as a guest apartment for visiting or new employees.

Timber frames, wooden floors and exposed old stone show traces of a time long before computers.

A wooden balcony connects the individual offices, functioning as an open-air walkway.

Where the magic happens: A circular light frames one of the main working spaces in Kulmbach.


The second-largest city of the German state of Bavaria after its capital Munich, Nuremberg is a medieval city and early center of humanism, science, printing, and mechanical invention. Known as the industrial heart of the region, Nuremberg produces not only Lebkuchen, sausages and toys, but also electrical equipment and motor vehicles.

The offices of ESR Labs take up the top floors of an old manufacturing complex from the turn of the century. With 13 desk spaces, Nuremberg is the smallest and most minimal of all the ESR Labs locations.

A corridor of white wooden beams and black-frames glass connects the individual desk spaces.

The meeting rooms allow for privacy and focussed work, while still being connected to the outside.

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