Software Engineer

Who are you?

My name is Dietrich. I have worked as a software engineer at ESR Labs since October 2015. My first programming experience was late in school when we had to do simulations of basic probability theory. Since I always liked STEM subjects in school and enjoyed gaming, I decided to dive deeper behind the scenes and study computer science. That's when I developed a deep appreciation and love for programming. I started at ESR Labs fresh out of university in Regensburg, which was a challenge initially. However, I enjoyed the challenge and quickly grew into my tasks here.

What is your superpower?

Learning and Kicker.

What does your typical workday look like?

I look at my notes from the previous day and sync with my colleagues in the morning. I try to get the most difficult tasks done before lunch, which usually involves coding or debugging. During the day, multiple active conversations are happening in Slack, making communication at ESR Labs efficient and fast. I communicate with my teammates as much as possible to be on the same page regarding solutions and knowledge. Additionally, there are often small sessions with colleagues to work on specific tasks together. They help to distribute knowledge further and increase the chance of finding bugs and issues early on.

What projects are you currently working on?

My current project is a connected gateway for a German car manufacturer, where I work on the embedded side. The client is just one call or email away, which makes it easy to address issues and questions directly. All of our projects use and contribute to components of our BSW (Basic Software), a repository for in-house developed software libraries. This helps us to maintain a healthy collaboration between those projects. Sporadically, I help with particular topics or questions in other projects.

What is the biggest challenge in your work?

The automotive industry is in a transition phase, which directly influences us. It is a challenge to keep finding the solution to the ever-growing demands of the automotive software world.

What is special about working at ESR Labs?

ESR Labs tries to avoid typical business bureaucracies and gives the developers the freedom to do their thing. Every developer is given the opportunity to contribute to solutions and challenge the status quo. The people are the most fantastic part of ESR Labs, and their highly unique backgrounds make it fun to work with each other and enjoy time together outside the working environment. Last but not least, our meme and custom emoji game is pretty strong!

What makes you grow at ESR Labs?

The most meaningful memories at ESR Labs always involve my colleagues. Learning from each other and having conversations on all kinds of topics helps me grow. Our yearly multi-day hackathons, the ”Labdays,” are one of my favorite highlights of being part of ESR labs. Also, being able to experience projects from start to finish allows you to learn a lot and improve incrementally.

How would you define “good code”?

Easy to understand, tested, and documented.

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