Software Engineer in Test

Who are you?

My name is Ihsane. I've worked in software for the past six years and joined ESR Labs 2 years ago as a Software Engineer in Test. Since then, my skills have developed very well because of the rich environment and the talented people I am working with. Growing up, I was always passionate about mathematics in school until my first year of university. There I studied embedded systems and software subjects replaced my passion for mathematics. After I graduated as an Embedded Systems Engineer, I joined an international automotive company as an intern. There I started discovering more and more about software testing, and I fell in love with scripting and Python.

What is your superpower?

I am a good analyzer and a quick learner!

What does your typical workday look like?

First, I check daily test reports and my code review notifications. Then I proceed with an ongoing or new implementation task. I write code in Ruby to test a specific functionality of the DUT (Device under test) of the project I'm working on. My interaction with the client is managed and directed by our test team lead. Therefore, I only directly interact with the client if a clarification or debug session is needed.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am working on a ECU project for a big German car manufacturer.

What is the biggest challenge in your work?

My biggest challenge is finding the exemplary test scenario for a complicated low-level requirement to test directly on the target.

What is special about working at ESR Labs?

I consider working at ESR Labs a gift. I feel respected as a human before being appreciated as an employee.

What makes you grow at ESR Labs?

The ongoing challenges and objectives.

How would you define “good code”?

Good code for me is simply working and readable code.

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